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Can Your Supply Chain Management Truly be Seamless?

In a word: yes. Did you know that our very own SkylogistiX offers a fully integrated supply chain management solution that does just that? SkySuite connects the dots to master complex SCM data to give a holistic and harmonious solution that simplifies airlines’ lives and reduce...

LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs Natalie Schlegel

LSG Sky Chefs: North America digitizes production processes

Natalie Schlegel is a business analyst who works closely with the North America IT team in digitizing the LSG Sky Chefs facilities in the region. We’re asking three important questions. What exactly can be digitized within our LSG Sky Chefs units? We have focused on the wor...

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SkylogistiX Celebrates 10 Years of Supply Chain Management

We’re proud to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of SkylogistiX, a go-to partner for supply chain management and logistics. The bespoke technology is one of a kind, in that it’s specifically tailored for the airline industry, focused on creating a tailored offering with real ...