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Intriguing Ingredients

Jörg Tüttelmann’s Culinary Clicks – 4 Underrated Ingredients

At the beginning of every fine dish, whether it is spaghetti aglio e olio with three ingredients or a Mexican mole poblano with over 30 ingredients, there are the pure and simple ingredients. A great dish stands and falls not only with the abilities of a chef, but also with the i...

Amaranth Mexican Food LSG Sky Chefs

Trendspotting in Mexico – Are You Ready to Ride the Next Wave of the Mexican Food Trend?

When it comes to learning something truly authentic about food, you have to cross oceans and borders If we believe food-trend researchers and chefs, Mexico has caught up with Peru – speaking in culinary terms, of course. That is why it is hardly a coincidence that the LSG Sky C...

LSG Sky Chefs Rome

Rome celebrates its 2,770 Birthday!

I will never reach the age Rome has, but every year I very much look forward to the celebrations. As always, the procession of the historical groups is the highlight of the celebrations in Rome, which take place on April 21, the city’s official birthday. And it is a real journe...