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LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs Global Culinary Excellence Academy Finale Chicago

Global Culinary Excellence Academy: The 3 Winning Menus

If our chefs know anything, it’s how to cook well – and that much was proven at the Global Culinary Excellence Academy Finale in November 2018. Even with specific challenge requirements, our students not only managed to excel, but surprise the jury too. Armed with the same, s...

LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs Natalie Schlegel

LSG Sky Chefs: North America digitizes production processes

Natalie Schlegel is a business analyst who works closely with the North America IT team in digitizing the LSG Sky Chefs facilities in the region. We’re asking three important questions. What exactly can be digitized within our LSG Sky Chefs units? We have focused on the wor...


Paperless production: digitization drive in North America

Digitizing individual production steps in the kinds of complex work environments found in LSG Sky Chefs units is no easy undertaking. “Whenever you start moving things around within individual production processes, it’s a lot like performing open-heart surgery. You have to pr...