Your typical “child of retail” – Andreas Nagel (LSG Group)

Andreas Nagel LSG Group Convenience RetailAndreas Nagel has been managing the global convenience-retail segment since September 1. Here, he tells us where he comes from and what excited him most about his new job.

Which knowledge and experience do you bring to the table concerning the globalisation of our retail business?

As a typical “child of retail”, I worked in various positions in the retail area at Shell over the last 29 years. Especially over the last 16 years I worked in the customer loyalty segment and the convenience retail sector – it was really the area I was drawn into. Hence I was able to build up a lot of experience and know-how coming from the “customer-side” – ranging from the understanding of what a convenience retail customer would like to get from the LSG Group up to the current and future needs of end customers. In addition, over the last six years I have developed the global convenience retail business with partners such as Spar, Starbucks and quick service restaurants, which has given me deep insights into their business practices, including franchises and their networks, whilst sharpening my awareness of cultural differences same time.

What excited you about your new job at LSG Group so much that you left Shell after 29 years?

To me, the answer lies in that 29-year period itself. On the one hand, it was the feeling of having achieved almost everything I wanted in that specific segment. On the other hand, it was the rare opportunity to further strengthen and lift an existing business that already has a good foundation. In a nutshell, it was the chance to start all over again from scratch.

What are your priorities until the end of 2017?

The first 100 days should always be filled with “listening carefully”. I hope that I will do justice to this aspiration in most cases. Nevertheless, I am already noticing a great deal of interest in my opinion, which is fun of course and certainly will be good for the business in some areas. My personal target is to have visited all regions by the end of the year and analyze the existing business in convenience retail workshops, in order to discuss possible opportunities and tackle any challenges together. All of this should lead me to be able to provide an overview by early next what ideas we have for new business and what we think will be necessary to implement these ideas.