Onboard Retail: The reality of the future

It’s no secret that many legacy airlines across the world are transforming their business models from traditional catering services to ancillary revenue models (more commonly known as “buy-on-board” or “onboard retail” models). Everyone from industry professionals to once-a-year holiday travelers have noticed that, for many airlines, complimentary meals are a thing of yesteryear. Consequentially, LSG Group has developed and is now offering new and alternative service solutions for our customers.

The market trend toward onboard retail models creates a huge opportunity for LSG Group to grow with our customers in this segment. So, with a global presence – and global customers – how exactly do we make sure that we deliver a consistent approach to onboard retail in every single region of LSG Group?

Well, it takes a lot of planning! One of the ways we’re ensuring this happens is by regularly bringing together our onboard retail talent from across the globe.

Onboard Retail Conference in Dublin

A team of colleagues from all LSG Group Regions and Retail inMotion, an onboard retail specialist that was recently acquired by LSG, came together on June 22 and 23 at the Retail inMotion headquarters (“Hangar 57”) in Dublin, Ireland to further discuss our company’s onboard retail strategy going forward. It was also a chance for the participants to welcome our new LSG Group member, get a profound understanding of Retail inMotion as a whole and discover their keys to success.

Onboard Retail Conference in Dublin - LSG Group

What was the outcome of the Conference?

The face-to-face meeting allowed the group further buildup our global onboard retail community so that we can continue delivering high quality services for our customers. It also gave us the chance to continue integrating Retail inMotion into our LSG family by ensuring that our approach stays consistent and on track.

Interested in learning more about Retail inMotion? Take a look at their website!