Gluten-free on the go

Evertaste and Dr. Schär, Europe’s No. 1 brand in Gluten-Free Products, developed a Special Meal Box for the travel industry

A gluten-free diet is not always a health requirement, it is often a lifestyle choice. However, passengers often encounter the fact that gluten-free nutrition is frequently neglected when it comes to a high quality and savory meal offering. “Our meal solution is unique and bridges the gap between special-meal requirements and catering complexity,” said Ivana Breig, Manager Sales & Marketing Europe at Evertaste “Because of this uniqueness, it attracts customers. Being delivered as a ready-assembled solution, it assures maximum safety and quality for consumers, as well as operators.”


Dr. Schär’s Gluten-Free concept contains an authentic Italian hot meal, artisan bread roll, a portion of butter and a chocolate-covered wafer snack. The meal solution is available as a vegetarian and non-vegetarian option. All components come readily assembled in one box, which makes this concept easy to handle for crews and delicious to enjoy for passengers and consumers. It also improves the travel experience of people with special nutritional needs or preferences. “The hot meal is placed in a separate compartment, which allows the crew to easily remove it for heating and reinsert it for the service,” added Ivana. “By unfolding the compartments, the passenger can create his or her own tray, which secures an immaculate and delightful inflight meal.” In addition, it is suitable for all services – complementary, pre-order and buy-on-board.

“With this meal solution, that combines Dr. Schär’s brand presence and its recognition in over 60 countries with Evertaste’s expertise in packaged products and meal boxes for the travel industry, passengers will experience a nutritional and delicious menu that represents culinary excellence and trustworthiness,” Ivana conclude. Dr. Schär’s Gluten-Free concept was officially launched at the WTCE 2018 in Hamburg in April and shortlisted for the Onboard Hospitality Award 2018 in the Catering Innovation of the Year category.