BoxTalk with … Lorenza Maggio (Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe)

Box: The Ploughman’s Cheese Box recreates a Ploughman’s Lunch, which is a traditional British comfort lunch offered at virtually all pubs in the country. It consists of a selection of high-street branded items, such as Tyrell crisps (chips) and Branston pickles, complemented by customized items especially developed for this box, such as silver-skin onions packed in a mini-size portion.

Mealbox Oakfield Farm Solutions

LorenzaMaggio_web_sqTalk: The challenge in creating the Ploughman’s Cheese Box was to convert this popular fresh meal into an ambient snack box that passengers would buy onboard an aircraft and that would also work from a supply-chain perspective. But the most important thing for us during the creation phase was for every single item of this snack box to emphasize the storyline of a Ploughman’s Lunch.

We eat with our eyes first, and so the look and feel of the box has an immediate impact and creates expectations. So at first sight, everything is about presentation! To meet the characteristics of a Ploughman’s Lunch we developed a rustic design and – as a finishing touch – we printed the packaging inside out, so the outside artwork was printed on the rough side of the cardboard.

The entertainment aspect for the passenger starts when receiving the box, which opens flat like a tray mat. Passengers will be surprised at the amount of items they will find when opening the box and which will keep them entertained during the flight while preparing their meal.

We developed the Ploughman’s Cheese Box in 2012, and it remains one of the best sellers in onboard retail programs for different airlines in the UK. When we at Oakfield Farms Solutions create such themed boxes, we first look at trends and develop a storyline, select the items carefully and involve graphic experts to complete the look and feel.

The task of a snack box is to make the passenger surprised and delighted with their meal.

Lorenza Maggio is VP Nominated Products & Central Production Europe at Evertaste.