BoxTalk with … Kai Schmidt (Oakfield Farms Solutions)

Box: Fresh products in a snack box? Why not? Given the right product selection and a properly working supply chain, one that adheres to all temperature specifications, packing fresh products in a box is not a problem.

box talk kai schmidt fruit pot

Talk: Of course, the items that go in a fresh snack box are delivered to us more frequently. The shelf life is generally short and as a result, thoroughly thought-out timing is necessary on our part because these items must be processed and shipped quickly. In this case, “quickly” means working efficiently. A well-structured supply chain is the key success factor in this effort, and it needs to comply with all food-safety requirements.

All fresh components are carefully developed with our suppliers in order to ensure a minimum four-day shelf life while still using fresh ingredients for our sandwiches and fruit salads. This lead time allows us to run a daily production, meaning fresh products arrive in our co-packing facility and leave the building packed into a box no more than 24 hours later. Our logistics network then handles distribution across the United Kingdom within that same timeframe, giving caterers two to three days before the expiration date of the products.


Time is always a factor when producing fresh snacks. We achieve zero waste through the supply chain by ordering products only after receiving orders from caterers. The caterer’s order is based on forecast. But they have a buffer of at least two days after delivery thanks to the extended shelf life. This is how we avoid waste.

Let’s take our “Good Morning” box as an example; A fresh fruit salad paired with Greek yoghurt with honey. It’s tasty and a fresh start into the day!

Kai Schmidt is Sales & Marketing Junior Manager at Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe.