BoxTalk with… Jennifer Fendel (Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe)

Box: Popcorn with caramel and sea salt, toasted maize grains and pastrami-flavored crisps – these trendy products are what make a snack box special. They pique consumers’ curiosity and inspire them to try new things. That is why snack boxes feature products from well-known manufacturers in never-before-seen flavors or trendy flavors consumers may have seen in restaurants but not in packaged form.

LSG Group Oakfield Farms Solutions Jennifer FendelTalk: Passengers on planes and trains want to be entertained during their travels. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for extraordinary flavors – since this is what makes snack boxes so appealing.

Trade fairs are always a good platform for discovering and trying out new creations. Blogs about general or food trends can tell us right now what next year’s big flavors will be and what fruits and vegetables will be hyped along with them. We also gather inspiration from Instagram and magazines.

We are also in constant contact with our suppliers. If a supplier has a new product in the pipeline, they’ll often ask for our opinion. If we or our customers have an idea for a product, we actively approach the manufacturer to turn this idea into a reality together. Of course, I’ve even gotten my friends and family into trend scouting, and they send me pictures of interesting flavor combinations or new products from around the world.


Our team tests new items before presenting them to customers. Since our team includes a wide range of nationalities and ages, we actually form an ideal passenger profile that takes into account a number of different tastes. We then present either the individual product to our airlines or railway operators or embed it in a broader concept, such as a street food box or a movie snack box.

An extraordinary product is considered a true success when passengers ask where they can buy the item. We’re able to help with some items, but others aren’t available at all in stores or are currently exclusive products.

Jennifer Fendel is Senior Manager Sales & Marketing Europe at Evertaste.