BoxTalk with … Ivana Breig

This BoxTalk highlights olives as a handy and healthy snacking alternative while traveling.

Ivana Breig, Sales & Marketing Manager at Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe
Box: Many of the snack boxes available on planes and trains contain a pack of olives. Olives are an ideal component for snack boxes because they can be easily be paired with either a portion of cheese and crackers or with different other items to create a tapas-style plate with either a Mediterranean, Spanish or Greek identity. More and more customers have even started providing this healthy snack as an individual item to be purchased while traveling.

Talk: Olives are a fascinating true all-rounder. We usually use extra virgin olives in 30-gram packs and mainly offer traditional flavors like “tasty herb marinated pitted olives.” But increasingly our customers (airlines and train operators) also like to serve inspiring flavor combinations like lemon-garlic or chili-tomato.

Olives are very much liked by our customers and their passengers alike. They are tasty, savory, filling, easy to eat, not seasonal and best of all healthy. For many travelers, their vacation already starts on their journey, and they want to treat themselves with something special that may be related to their final holiday destination. An additional perspective on the high appreciation of olives is that they are a favorite food item in many cultures around the globe.

Although I personally prefer the green pitted olives, filled with almond, garlic or feta cheese, the demand for the creative flavors I mentioned above is high.

Olives are just perfect as a handy, healthy snacking alternative that makes them an ideal addition to a snack box!

Ivana Breig is Sales & Marketing Manager at Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe.