BoxTalk with … Silke Schmuck

Box: A hot meal that carries the “clean” label contains products that are as natural as possible. Clean in the food industry means that additives have been kept to a minimum in the production of those meals. If additives are necessary – for example, to stabilize frozen products for the regeneration process or add color – natural ones should be the first choice.

LSG Sky Chefs Clean FoodTalk: Our approach at LSG-Sky Food is to reduce additives in our frozen meals and components to a minimum. We want to stay as close as possible to the original condition of an ingredient. You could say we are just following a trend, but we really believe in using additives only when really necessary. If we do use them, they are mainly natural.
With that in mind, we created a manual that contains the three categories of compulsory labelled additives. The categories are:


–    Unrestricted use (green traffic light): Additives such as acidifiers or modified starch, both of which are fully in line with the labelling.
–    Additives such as sweeteners (yellow traffic light), which are used only if it is really necessary
–    Forbidden (red traffic light): Additives such as flavor enhancers, fillers, propellants or coating agents.
Although it seems sort of unnecessary, it is important to officially declare that a product does not contain this or that additive. Consumers are used to labels like “no artificial flavor enhancers,” “no artificial coloring” or “no antioxidants” and they trust them. Therefore, it is very important for us to also show our customers and consumers that our products follow the clean-label approach.
And this approach is in line with our customers’ requests in regards to sustainability, traceability and country of origin of a product. This has become even more important since the new EU labeling regulations came into effect in December 2014.
We at LSG-Sky Food believe – and this is also supported by the airlines – in the production of high-quality, tasty and appealing products that are produced cost-efficiently but without any artificial additives.

Silke Schmuck, Director Sales & Marketing at LSG-Sky Food in Germany, joined the company in 1995 as Product Manager. She established their Sales Department, which currently covers 35 national and international customers – mainly airlines.