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Lufthansa flight attendants and LSG SKy Chefs co-create Oktoberfest menus

LSG Sky Chefs and Flight Attendants Co-Create Lufthansa Oktoberfest Menus

Seven months ahead of Oktoberfest, LSG Sky Chefs and Lufthansa took the collaborative process of menu development to another next level. They invited members of the Lufthansa cabin crew to design the first menu of the Oktoberfest menu-cycle, which will be flying in Lufthansa Busi...

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Not too spicy, not too sweet, not too greasy for the children

It’s no secret that children love spaghetti. But what else is important to children in terms of food? Our Chef Burkhardt Weitz├Ącker explains how he developed children’s inflight meals together with famous German Chef Cornelia Poletto. Mr Weizs├Ącker, how did the coll...