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Paperless production: digitization drive in North America

Digitizing individual production steps in the kinds of complex work environments found in LSG Sky Chefs units is no easy undertaking. “Whenever you start moving things around within individual production processes, it’s a lot like performing open-heart surgery. You have to pr...

LSG Group Oliver Tappe Business Analyst LSG Sky Chefs Galley Guide

Galley Guide: Paperless on Board

A conversation with Oliver Tappe and Martin Buchholtz (Business Analysts, LSG Group) “Crews will love the Galley Guide App, we have no doubt about that,” said a convinced Oliver Tappe and Martin Buchholtz, both LSG Group business analysts. “The Galley Guide makes life much ...

LSG Group's team in front of the booth at InnoTrans

Next Stop for the Train Services Team: WTCE

On-board retailing sounds pretty simple in theory. But how can I structure the process efficiently to ensure it turns a profit? What products do passengers go for? Which partner will best organize the service on board or possibly even handle it for me entirely? At the WTCE expo, ...