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LSG Group | Recipe | Spritzgebaeck Weihnachten

Great-great-grandma’s Cookies: The Sweet Taste of Tradition

Today I would like to share with you a Christmas cookie recipe an old family tradition that I always cherish when the holiday season comes into full swing. Every year in early December, we start baking what is famously known as Plätzchen (Christmas cookies) – just like many o...

LSG Group LSG Sky Chefs SPIRIANT Monster kit made out of soft terry cotton

Kids’ toys and amenity kits: Mommy, are we there yet?!

Summer is almost here (woohoo!) and I can imagine that people are already smack in the middle of planning their summer vacations with family and loved ones. Speaking to some of my friends, while they can almost smell the sea breeze and feel the sand between their toes, the very t...



Meet Susanne Egenolf, a.k.a. Mrs. “SPIRIANTa” Claus. Susanne is our in-house toy expert who ensures that kids have a good onboard experience. “Flying can be a fun and sometimes stressful experience for kids and parents alike. It’s important that a toy keeps young passenge...