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A Question of Taste

I succumbed to the tomato juice trend the other week on a flight to Munich and was dumbfounded to find myself ordering a second glass. What I’d been missing! I spotted the drink on a menu a couple days later while out for lunch, and ordered it to the table. Big mistake: to my s...


Top-five culinary trends in 2013

I’ve been working in LSG Sky Chef’s Product Marketing (Innovation & Trends) team for three years now. Part of my job is to keep track of the latest food trends, to see which could be adapted into products and services for LSG Sky Chefs and our customers. At the beginning ...


A Japanese Kitchen in Frankfurt

It’s 6:00 o’clock in the morning: A normal day for Takugo Kobayashi as he meets with his team and prepares to start his work. From sushi to takoyaki – it’s all made here, in the Japanese kitchen of LSG Sky Chefs at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.  Each airline customer has h...