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The Tomato Juice Mystery

You’ve tried it, haven’t you? You’re one of those 33% of people who orders it on a flight from time to time. Maybe you even order a second glass. But what makes tomato juice so alluring on board? I can’t say I’ve ever quite understood it. I was situating myself with a m...

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A Question of Taste

I succumbed to the tomato juice trend the other week on a flight to Munich and was dumbfounded to find myself ordering a second glass. What I’d been missing! I spotted the drink on a menu a couple days later while out for lunch, and ordered it to the table. Big mistake: to my s...


A Japanese Kitchen in Frankfurt

It’s 6:00 o’clock in the morning: A normal day for Takugo Kobayashi as he meets with his team and prepares to start his work. From sushi to takoyaki – it’s all made here, in the Japanese kitchen of LSG Sky Chefs at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.  Each airline customer has h...