JT’s Culinary Clicks: My Top 4 on the 2017 Food Trends List

Jörg Tüttelmann

Joerg Tuettelmann, Vice President of Culinary Excellence, knows what is moving foodies around the world.

By the time the new year begins, a number of trend and forecasts in your areas of interest have most likely reached your inboxes and timelines. For some, these are social media trends, for others logistics. For me, they are food trends. Below you will find my personal four favorite articles covering the food trends of 2017. Looking at past trends, you will certainly find a few that you have experienced (and probably devoured) yourself. And unless you’re totally averse to cooking, you might find yourself going with the flow and blending some riced beet root or brewing your own craft beer this year.

The title says it all – get an in-depth view of the upcoming food trends for 2017. Rumor – or research – has it that a plethora of gluten-free flours, camel milk, riced beet root and contemporary Colombian cuisine will move our foodie souls this year.

Bubble Tea, kale, macarons, everything coconut, demerara sugar – take a short flight over the past 20 years’ history of food trends.

From wraps to cupcakes to sorghum breakfast bowls: Who determines the new food trends? How are they developed? Anthropologists, food researchers, social media experts and chefs get a chance to speak about the upcoming food trends and their way of determining what those will be. If you ever doubt trend forecasts, this will be of interest for you.

Admittedly, keeping up with so many trends can leave your head spinning. If that sounds like you, take a self-critical look at this piece, a humorous yet quite realistic approach to not taking every trend so seriously.