Catch a glimpse of where we’re taking you in 2018!

What better way to transition into the new year than with the introduction of “Horizons,” the 2018 LSG Group Calendar?

Conceptualized and crafted by Marketing Event Manager Marion Spotswood and Chefs Jörg Hofmann, Mathieu Castex, Walter D’Rozario and Victor Santos, the 2018 calendar depicts classic dishes from all over the world that have been reimagined or deconstructed to reflect just how international and modern the LSG Group strives to be.


But “Horizons” isn’t just about how wide our international reach is, it also showcases how extensive our services can be. From premium packaging to personalized onboard-retail menus and healthy desserts that will keep passengers energized in the air, the LSG Group has it all.

If you’re still wondering what exactly “horizons” have to do with the LSG Group, we’ll let Ms. Spotswood herself do the talking.