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Luca Schlosser, Manager Train Operations at the LSG Group

You can’t go wrong with coffee, beer and water

I was surprised to find that coffee, beer and water are always top sellers, no matter what time of the day it is. As the LSG Group’s Train team, we regularly review the sales figures accordingly to make sure we are getting the right product mix on board the trains we serve. The...

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Five Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Sales on Trains

To successfully sell snacks and drinks on board a train, you need products that appeal to as many passengers as possible so that they will purchase them. But what are the things to remember when presenting and placing products to maximize your sales? Here are five points that con...

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LSG Group: How can we make crews’ life easier?

The LSG Group provides several on-board services, handles equipment and logistics and prepares delicious meals following an integrated approach to create individual passenger experiences. But we don’t just think about how to make passengers happy. We also explore how we can mak...