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January: Reinventing the Pina Colada

What better way to start off the year than with a challenging reimagining of the famous cocktail, Pina Colada? Instead of going down the traditional route, Chef Mathieu Castex uses the rich flavors of coconut ice cream, paired perfectly with pineapples cooked sous vide, to play w...

Jörg Hofmann with his “train of thought” about the cobia dish

Creative Menu Creation: Art work or hard work?

What role does visual appearance play in cooking and how did a cobia fish get caught in the net of food photography? Since we post food pictures from the LSG Group calendar on a monthly basis, it intrigued us to find out more from a person who creates such dishes – literally ...

Mathieu Castex LSG Sky Chefs

The Top 5 Tools of an Innovative Pastry Chef

We all have little ‘helpers’ that are make our daily work easier, if not possible. Almost anyone can probably claim a mobile phone or laptop as one of the most important ‘tools’ in one’s job. Not Mathieu Castex, however. The Executive Pastry Chef o...