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LSG Group Oakfield Farms Solutions Jennifer Fendel

BoxTalk with… Jennifer Fendel (Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe)

Box: Popcorn with caramel and sea salt, toasted maize grains and pastrami-flavored crisps – these trendy products are what make a snack box special. They pique consumers’ curiosity and inspire them to try new things. That is why snack boxes feature products from well-known ma...

Onboard Retail Conference in Dublin - LSG Group

Onboard Retail: The reality of the future

It’s no secret that many legacy airlines across the world are transforming their business models from traditional catering services to ancillary revenue models (more commonly known as “buy-on-board” or “onboard retail” models). Everyone from industry professionals to on...

Jennifer Fendel Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe

BoxTalk with … Jennifer Fendel (Oakfield Farms Solutions Europe)

Box: Retail brands, or alternatively trendy and exclusive brands, are an essential part of a snack box. Whether it is Tyrells’ crisps (chips), Peppersmith mints or Joe & Seph’s Popcorn, these are products that are well known to European (mostly British) consumers and are ...