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Xavier Muller has been part of LSG Sky Chefs train development team since it was formed. Since then, he has gained a lot of experience travelling (by trains, of course, it goes without saying) throughout Europe. As Head of Sales and Business Development, and besides looking for new train services opportunities where to pitch the LSG Sky Chefs flag, Xavier enjoys tackling new challenges and promoting rail services within the airline-catering group. Paying a lot of attention to building the best possible relationships with customers and prospects, Xavier enjoys good restaurants and discovering new places as sources of inspiration to keep our concepts on the cutting edge of innovation.

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Xavier Muller

Smoothie or lemonade?

Refreshing summer drinks go down well from the moment you set off on Holidays Countless families all across Europe will be heading off on holiday over the coming weeks. Many will go by train. So the onboard catering service must be adjusted to appeal to this type of passenger. Wh...

LSG Group's team in front of the booth at InnoTrans

Next Stop for the Train Services Team: WTCE

On-board retailing sounds pretty simple in theory. But how can I structure the process efficiently to ensure it turns a profit? What products do passengers go for? Which partner will best organize the service on board or possibly even handle it for me entirely? At the WTCE expo, ...

LSG Group's food truck at InnoTrans

LSG Group at InnoTrans 2016: A (not so technical) Recap

Culinary “food-to-go” bolsters intensive discussions at InnoTrans Many of my colleagues found this year’s InnoTrans in Berlin to be very technical. With our stand, which was designed to be very inviting, inspiring and innovative, we at the LSG Group created a distinctive ju...

LSG Sky Chefs Train Xavier Muller

Is there a link between ticket price and catering on trains?

Are my passengers on a short commute to work or are they using the train to travel long distances to enjoy a holiday abroad? What are the travelers interested in – both in their personal lives and while on board the train? What catering alternatives can my guests access at the ...

LSG Sky Chefs Train Xavier Muller

Why do yourself what others can do better?

Since LSG Group began providing Columbus Café as part of its catering service on the trains of French operator iDTGV, sales of the popular drink have risen sharply. Columbus is synonymous with high-quality coffee in France, which is why the brand alone is enough of a motivator f...

LSG Sky Chefs Train Xavier Muller

WTCE 2016: A Tradeshow not just for Airlines

When colleagues happen to talk about the World Travel Catering & Onboard Services EXPO (WTCE) fair in Hamburg, they almost always associate the event with airline services. However, many other transport-related industries are also highly interested in the fair – such as tra...

LSG Sky Chefs Train Xavier Muller

“If I travel on a train, I travel differently”

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to travel on board many trains in Europe – both for my own private travel and for business-related duty travel. In my position at LSG Sky Chefs, my eyes immediately start wandering around as soon as I jump on a train and I automaticall...

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Being part of our internal Train Community

After almost five years of train catering development in Europe, more than 20 projects in different countries, such as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain, I have had the pleasure of organizing and participating in LSG Sky Chefs’ first European Train Conference. This was...


Great team work in Paris during iDTGV startup

Hi, my name is Xavier Muller and I work as a Business Analyst for the LSG Sky Chefs’ Train Division. From now on, you will hear more frequently from me about what’s going on at European railway stations. My first post brings great news from my home country, France. Recently, ...