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Five Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Sales on Trains

To successfully sell snacks and drinks on board a train, you need products that appeal to as many passengers as possible so that they will purchase them. But what are the things to remember when presenting and placing products to maximize your sales? Here are five points that con...


WTCE – Capturing Change and Progress

I was looking at a picture of a trip I went on a while back, and realized just how much has changed in the way people travel. What is different? A lot! The complete travel chain has become more personalized and geared towards the consumer, making travelling more comfortable and, ...


Overwhelmed consumers are seeking guidance

Going to the supermarket today is for many consumers an overwhelming experience. The sheer abundance of food options available makes it difficult to select “the right” items, also when it comes to healthy eating. Guidance at the grocery store Some retail chains are making it ...