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SPIRIANT Food Design

Eat with Your Eyes

An artist needs a canvas to present his art. And so does a chef. SPIRIANT designers work together with the Culinary Excellence Team of the LSG Group to close the circle between looking good and tasting good. We bring easy to implement but beautiful pieces to on-board dining. Letâ...

Amaranth Mexican Food LSG Sky Chefs

Trendspotting in Mexico – Are You Ready to Ride the Next Wave of the Mexican Food Trend?

When it comes to learning something truly authentic about food, you have to cross oceans and borders If we believe food-trend researchers and chefs, Mexico has caught up with Peru – speaking in culinary terms, of course. That is why it is hardly a coincidence that the LSG Sky C...

fruit and vegetable carving

Turning Carrots into Flowers: A DIY on Vegetable Carving

Chances are, you have been to a Thai restaurant and seen those wonderfully carved rose-shaped carrots decorating your plate. You might have wondered whether these carvings were done by hand or with some kind of machine. At the LSG Group, we know that it is all done by hand – an...