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What is FlyYourVeda®?

Interview with a nutritionist about the effects of healthy meals on board. We recently published a post about FlyYourVeda®, an innovative inflight menu that promotes wellbeing during and after a long-haul flight. To find out more about FlyYourVeda, we talked to Bernadette Murg, ...

LSG Group Food

Eat What Makes You Feel Good

How our Culinary Excellence Team came up with an innovative inflight menu Flying is exciting – looking at the clouds from above, floating between time-zones and anticipating the touchdown on another continent. However, many people would agree that flying has some drawbacks, lik...

fruit and vegetable carving

Turning Carrots into Flowers: A DIY on Vegetable Carving

Chances are, you have been to a Thai restaurant and seen those wonderfully carved rose-shaped carrots decorating your plate. You might have wondered whether these carvings were done by hand or with some kind of machine. At the LSG Group, we know that it is all done by hand – an...

Calendar Making Of

Behind the Scenes of… the LSG Group Calendar 2017

Every time the LSG Group calendar is sent out to our customers worldwide, it marks the arrival of a new year of collaboration and culinary ideas. The production of the 2017 calendar was different to that of the previous years – all meals were developed and created by our own ch...

The LSG Sky Chefs facility in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil’s LSG Sky Chefs “training” for Olympics

The LSG unit in Rio de Janeiro is getting ready for a sharp spike in production and a myriad of logistical challenges ahead of the Olympics With less than one month to go before the Olympic Games in Brazil, you might be surprised to know that it is not just the athletes who are t...